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Our Initiatives

Visioning The Future

The objective of the program is to identify interested African American students at HBCU’s and facilitate their professional development and career advancement in the field of Optometry.


Through strategic partnerships with NOA and other organizations, the NOF is revolutionizing eye care to safeguard the well-being of all. With a clear vision and unwavering mission, NOF combines expertise and resources to execute initiatives that prioritize eye health from every angle. Together, we're illuminating the path to a brighter future, one focused on the clarity of sight and the prosperity of all.

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ACHIEVE Campaign

The ACHIEVE campaign–All Children’s Health Initiative for Eye and Vision Excellence–is targeted to minority parents to learn more about how to care for children’s vision.

The Three Silent Killers

Three Silent Killers” initiative focuses on the top diseases causing blindness among racial and ethnic minorities: diabetes, glaucoma, and hypertension. The three silent killer initiative Emphasizes the importance of prevention and routine care-before it is too late.

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