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National Optometric Association

The National Optometric Association (NOA) was founded in 1969 in Richmond, Virginia, as a not-for-profit corporation The NOA is comprised primarily of minority optometrists from throughout the United States. Activities are administered through a board of directors and regional officers.

The recruitment of minority students into the schools and colleges of optometry and their placement into appropriate practice settings upon graduation are two priorities of the NOA. Coincident with these priorities is the underlying purpose of the NOA — advancing the visual health of minority populations through the delivery of effective and efficient eye and vision care services to the minority community

Mission Statement:

“Advancing the Visual Health of Minority Populations.”

Vision Exam

Minority Recruitment

The National Optometric Association (NOA) shall recruit minority students into the schools and colleges of optometry.

Assistance To Graduates and Practitioners

The mission shall be to provide assistance to new graduates, as well as established minority optometrists, towards the enhancement and updating of optometric knowledge, skills and professional practice; career placement; and the procurement of financial aid.

Assistance To Optometric Associations

The mission shall be to provide assistance to all established organizations of optometry towards the advancement of the art, science, and practice of professional optometry.

Delivery of Care

The mission shall be to create better delivery of primary optometric and health care services to humanity.

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